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You've taken your design skills to the next level.

Now It's time to use them...and kick ass.

You learned Design Basics and the Design Process in Design Academy.  Now, it's time to put your new skills to work creating a home that has people wondering,

"Who's your designer??" 

(It's badass YOU, of course!)

You've completed design academy...so now what?

Remember how proud and accomplished you felt when you graduated from medical school?  You worked hard and learned all the things and yet applying what you learned in residency gave you a whole new perspective.  Things are similar in design... now that you know all the things, the best way to really get good at design is to practice, apply and practice some more.


Every single month, you'll get a live one-hour interactive design class, specifically created to help you apply your newfound design skills.

(AND get extra input from me on your designs!)


Monthly Class Starts May 26

in design academy continuing ed, you'll learn:

  • How to become proficient in incorporating the design elements and principles in your own home. You learned to identify them in Design Academy. Now you'll be able to use and manipulate them to create your own vision.
  • How to start developing your own signature style
  • How to solve design problems more quickly and easily
  • How to come up with more creative, original solutions for your own space.


How it works:

  • One Zoom group teaching class every single month (always on a Sunday at 5pm CT)
  • Four unique class formats to give you  effective instruction and the opportunity for practice and feedback
  • Lots of design advice and feedback from me during every class
  • Access to class replays if you are unable to attend
  • No homework!!  


access to monthly class: $47/month

four types of classes help you hone your design skills to CREATe A HOME THAT RELAXES AND INSPIRES YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
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"Submit your Project" Classes

Before these calls, you'll submit your design photos, plans and questions.  I'll choose 1-2 projects per class to use as teaching examples.

We will go through the design together and you'll use what you've learned in Design Academy to formulate a design plan.  I'll teach and guide through the entire process.

This will provide you with a great practice opportunity to solve real life design problems.  You'll be able to take what you've learned and apply it to your own designs.

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Design Process demonstrations

I will bring my own designs (including floor plans, elevations, design concepts, etc) to these calls and I'll walk you through my entire process from beginning to end, starting with the use of the elements and principles of design and ending with specifics about why I choose specific items.

These calls will help you piece together the entire process so that you can do it more easily on your own.

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deeper dive design classes

These classes will provide a deeper dive into specific design topics such as planning for a new construction or remodel, advanced lighting, styling and accessorizing, developing your own signature style and how to work with what you have.  These will be in lecture format with a short Q & A at the end of each call.

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guest speakers

I'll be bringing in other designers from across the country to give special guest lectures and to host Q & A session! 

 Get access to every monthly design class class for $47/month


IT'S TIME TO use your new design skills to CREATE A HOME THAT INSPIRES!

"After the course (Design Academy) ended I was craving learning even more. I hadn’t realized how much I had missed learning! I felt in my element as a student again and really wanted to take it further. Kricia must have read my mind because a few months later she came up with a new course: Design Academy: Continued Education. I knew what I had to do. I signed up once again and have been enjoying learning more and more and honing my design skills."
Gwen Gonzalez, M.D.

Create a home you love that fits YOUR style, so you feel relaxed, inspired, and enjoy every space in your home.