Let's make home your happy place

Bold home design for women physicians who kick ass at work

Let's make home your happy place

Bold home design for women physicians who kick ass at work

House Calls for Physicians

Work is intense. Coming home shouldn’t be.

Hey, I’m Kricia Palmer MD, Allied ASID. A physician-turned-interior-designer and certified life coach dedicated to helping ambitious women like you love your home.


I know all too well how rewarding, but demanding your career is — and I remember how emotionally and mentally draining being in a health care setting for 10 to 24 hours a day can feel (I *still* catch a random whiff of alcohol foam every so often). That’s why I’m so passionate about helping you create a home that strips away all stress the moment you walk through the door.


Because let’s be real: “Free time” isn’t something you get often. Every precious spare moment you have should be spent in a space that’s intentionally curated to reflect your personal style and your lifestyle.


Your home is much more than just a pretty space. It affects your mindset, productivity and ability to relax and recharge. And as a busy physician, you deserve a home that supports you instead of stresses you out. 


I’m here to help you create a more mindful home, so you can actually rest your mind when it’s time to unwind.

Here’s How We Can Work Together
Design Academy Art

Design Academy
You want your home to look like it was designed by a professional, but you enjoy the design process and really want to do it yourself.

Girl, you’ve got this.

My online program teaches you everything you need to know to design and “bring it all together” with confidence.

Room Recovery Art

Room Recovery
Room Recovery is my "by the room" interior design service that gives you every single thing you need to transform your room, all in just ONE week!

Remodel Art

Remodel Recovery
You’re ready for a magazine-worthy kitchen or bath but you just don’t have the time, energy, and/or interest to do it yourself.

I hear you.

Step into my drawing room and let’s dream up something stunning.

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Ready to create a more mindful home?

To get started on your interior design journey, you can sign up for my online course, book your Room Recovery, or learn more about my remodeling services.

Create a home you love that fits YOUR style, so you feel relaxed, inspired, and enjoy every space in your home.