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Hi I'm Kricia

I’m a physician (peds allergy/immunology), interior designer (degree-holding, not just a hobby!), and certified life coach.

As the founder of House Calls for Physicians, I help crazy-busy women like you create an intentionally designed space that makes coming home the best part of your day.

Kick off your shoes (I know your feet hurt, girl), pull up a seat on my virtual couch, and let’s talk all things design.

Let’s design a home that fuels your purpose.


The research is clear: The places you spend the most time in have a significant impact on your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Bright light is proven to reduce anxiety and depression.

Clutter has been shown to cause stress.

And yet, for busy women physicians like you, home is often the last place you pour your energy into.

Redecorating the house has been on your “Future Projects” list forever. But between work, family, and oh, a pesky global pandemic, it’s an undertaking that’s stayed on the backburner.

I know the feeling all too well.

Sooo, you may be wondering.

How’d this chick go from “doctor” to “interior designer”?

I’m glad you asked.



My brain has always been drawn to the arts and creativity. Growing up, I wanted to be a professional dancer, but while I was good (really good, actually *brushing shoulder*), it became clear that dancing backup for Beyonce or landing the lead role in Swan Lake sadly wasn’t in the cards.


I always excelled at science and in high school, one of my teachers suggested I become a doctor. It was a light bulb moment that changed the trajectory of my life.


I put every ounce of energy into medical school (you know the feeling, right?) and spent three years doing my pediatrics residency, followed by a fellowship in allergy and immunology. The left-brained side of me loved it, but the right-brain side was craving more. Work was wildly rewarding, but deep down I just knew medicine wasn’t what I was meant to do.

Redecorating my house (and then redecorating it again) became a hobby that fueled my creative side. I spent what little free time I had sprucing up my house, organizing every shelf, cabinet and cranny, and imagining what my future dream home might look like.

I daydreamed about giving up medicine and going back to school for interior design. I know what you’re thinking and yes, it sounded crazy in my head too. After all this hard work (not to mention student loans) how could I give up my career in medicine and start over?

Then I had my boys, one of whom had special needs. And my priorities instantly shifted.

I handed in my resignation so that I could stay home with my kids. And it was during that time that I enrolled in an interior design class just for fun and to see how I liked it. 

Spoiler alert: I loved it.

website bedroom photo

Today, I take all of my insights and experiences of being a physician myself, and translate that into helping badass women physicians like you put yourself first for a change, by creating a more mindful space that supports the amazing work you do.

Over the years, I’ve loved discovering just how many other physicians out there crave a creative outlet, too. I love helping them bring out their creative side through interior design. It’s why I created my online course, Design Academy, in addition to offering full-service design services.

Interior design is an art and science that spans thousands of styles. It’s been a joy to find my own. And an even greater joy to help other women uncover theirs.

When I’m not elbow-deep in fabric samples and design sketches, you’ll find me ...



Dancing.  All. of. the. time.


Organizing and cleaning my home (honestly, it’s as good as therapy in my book)


Working out at F45 (Thanks, Marks Wahlberg)


Taxi-ing my boys across town for literally ALL THE sports


Relaxing on the couch with my hub (he’s an ER doctor) and watching my latest Netflix obsession


Ready to transform your home?

organized custom cabinet

As a physician, you’re solving complex problems every single day for your patients. As an interior designer, I love to think outside of the box and use smart, creative design to solve functional problems in your home - the home that supports your lifestyle every single day.


 And the best part is that, by creating a space that allows for more functional, easy living at home, I’m actually able to help wildly busy women like you find a greater sense of self-care.


My home is still a work in progress (I know it always will be). But I finally know what it’s like to walk through my front door and think, “Damn, I can’t believe I get to live here.” Daily life feels more luxurious, easy, and relaxing. And I’m proud to help some of the hardest working women in the world experience that for themselves.


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Create a home you love that fits YOUR style, so you feel relaxed, inspired, and enjoy every space in your home.