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Design & create a home you love

Determine your style and create a clutter-resistant home using the same tools as the professionals, so you feel more peace, get more rest, and can be more focused.

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It's Your Home, and Should Feel Like You

In the clinic, you bounce from patient to patient, providing care and putting out fires. It's exhausting just making it through the day and when you get home, you just want to put your feet up and relax. Walking in the door, you see mess and chaos, and a home that's not exactly how you want it.

Your home should be an oasis that greets you after a long day, reflecting your style, and giving you energy and peace. Creating a home you will love doesn't have to be complicated and in fact can be fun!

Create your Design Style and Update Your Home.


Get rid of the mess adding stress, so you can design your dream home.


Using the same tools as professional designers, YOU create a space you love.


Your home is designed, organized, and clutter-free, giving you a welcoming place to relax and recharge.

Join the learn to design for yourself Mini-Course:

You'll learn:

  • Programming: Questions to ask to begin planning.
  • Inspiration: Create a feeling and vision so you stay focused.
  • Space Planning: Know how to use your space, furniture placement and what items you may need.
  • Design Concepts: Create a board of colors, textures, and things you want in your new space.
  • Design Selection: Let's go shopping! How to find the right things for your new space.
"Kricia changed the game for me - she is truly the full package.

Growing up, my mom had a couple of decorators so I'm familiar with the process. What impressed me about Kricia is that her left brain kept her on track - the decorators my mom hired growing up were purely right-brained and were not prompt or organized. She gave me a full proposal at the beginning, was true to her timeline, and she did not pressure me at all into anything."

Elizabeth Seng, MD

House Calls for Physicians

House Calls Design academy

This 12-week course walks you through the exact process interior designers use to create a style that reflects you. Your creativity will bloom as you use lighting, color, texture, and design to creating a home for you to relax and recharge.
House Calls for Physicians

Custom Design Services

You have an idea of what you want your space to look like, but just don't have the time to spend on creating your space. I create end to end design plan for any areas of your home, focusing on YOUR design style so you love your home.
"I have not found a course prior to this one that made me feel confident enough to offer my interior design services to friends, but this one has, and I believe I can expand on this to offer services to clients. 

I’ve loved interior design from childhood but was never formally trained. It was frustrating because I wanted to know how to make a room beautiful without resorting to a lot of guesswork. After the first half of the course, I was able to look at a room and tell what was lacking and how to fix it. I could pinpoint why the room looked good. Or why it didn't. I could figure out how to fix it. Finally! Kricia gives short, clear-cut lectures that are easy to understand and apply. I have acquired a wealth of information in this short time. "

Lisa Goveas, MD

Hi! I'm Kricia Palmer M.D., ALLIED ASID

As a physician, your day is non-stop. When you head home, you want to put your feet up and relax, but often home doesn't feel as inviting as you want or need it to be. Often our home is a hodge-podge of design with items we inherited and new pieces we love.

Your home should feel welcoming, organized, reflecting your style and creativity so that you can relax and recharge.

As a physician, wife, and mom, I understand how crazy clinic days can be and how much you want your home to reflect your style so you can relax and recharge, but the chaos at home only adds to our already stress and cluttered mind. Becoming an interior designer and certified life coach allows me to help other women physicians who want to be creative and want to eliminate clutter physically and mentally but just didn't know-how.

By working through this mini-course or by taking one of the other design courses, you can design your home to be aesthetically pleasing and reflecting your style while bringing peace and joy to your home and daily life.

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Create a home you love that fits YOUR style, so you feel relaxed, inspired, and enjoy every space in your home.