What's Your Design Diagnosis? Take the quiz to find out!

What’s Your Design Diagnosis?

What's your design diagnosis

As a woman physician, you want to create a beautiful, restful home for yourself and your family. The problem is that you find that designing your home is more challenging than you anticipated! Let me help you find your design diagnosis: that ONE thing that stands between you and your dream home. 

In this video blog, you’ll learn:

  1. The four most common obstacles to creating the home you’ve always wanted.
  2. How to find out which one holds you back the most and what to do about it. 

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What design obstacle holds you back from creating the home you’ve always wanted?

So… What’s YOUR Design Diagnosis?

If you struggle with letting go of clutter or if you need support to overcome your design diagnosis, as a certified life coach and interior designer I can help you. Click here to schedule a discovery call with me. You don’t have to try to solve everything on your own.

My recent blog post on Letting Go of Sentimental Clutter may help you too. Check it out!

Kricia Palmer, MD, ASID | Doctor, life coach & interior designer

I’m Kricia Palmer, and I help women physicians let go of clutter and create beautiful, clutter-resistant homes so they can feel more peace, get more rest and be more focused.

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Create a home you love that fits YOUR style, so you feel relaxed, inspired, and enjoy every space in your home.