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(Designer Ikea Hacks, Step by Step Paint Color Tutorial, How to Score the Best Accessories at Homegoods?... don't worry, it's all here.)

Your time is precious... and you want answers NOW.

You're trying to choose a paint color for your dining room and after painting 6 samples on the wall, you still feel confused.  You thought you wanted a neutral, but now you're starting to question yourself...

"Is it too boring?"

"Do I need some color?"

"Maybe... but which color?"

"Ugh... now I have to start over."

You remember seeing a post in the House Calls Facebook group about choosing the right paint color, but the last thing you feel like doing is sitting and scrolling through hundreds of posts trying to find it.


Great news... you don't have to. (not anymore!)

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Design on Demand is your audiovisual design "Netflix"  with unlimited access to: 

  • Design Tutorials
  • Mini Workshops
  • All past, present and future design tips in the House Calls Facebook Group
  • All design tips from the House Calls Blog

All in one place, and easily searchable by topic, question and/or keyword.  (Cheers to this huge time saver!) 

New content will be added weekly.

You can access whatever piece of content you want, whenever you want, from your laptop, desktop or phone. 

get Unlimited Access for only $39/yr


I know what's it like to want to come home at the end of the day to a home that hugs you.

A home that supports you instead of stresses you out.

But each time you try to finish a room in your home, it seems to take forever because you have so many questions

and you start second guessing yourself.  

You try asking others but you for every 5 people you ask, you get 5 different opinions.

You try googling the answer, but you're still not really getting anywhere or making any progress.

You think to yourself, "This is just decorating.  It really shouldn't be that hard."

You're right.  It shouldn't be.

And it doesn't have to be.

That's why I created Design on Demand.

So you can save lots of time, get your questions answered quickly

and develop your own design skills in the process.

Type Your Question.






press play.







get your answer.





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Topics Include:

  • How to Score the Best Accessories at Homegoods
  • How to Style a Bookcase
  • How to Use Ikea Hacks to Create a Designer Look (coming in mid-July!)
  • How to Arrange Furniture in an Open Floor Plan
  • How to Hang Drapery
  • How to Decorate a Big Blank Wall
  • Bathroom Lighting Mistakes to Avoid
  • How to Choose a Paint Color
  • Mixing Metals
  • Three Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Accessories
  • How to Style a Console Table
  • How to Select a Bedroom Rug
  • How to Select Your Chandelier Size

       and 100s more!


get Unlimited Access for only $39/year