Room Recovery

(bring your room back to life!)

Room by Room Interior Design For Women Physicians.


You have a room that's in desperate need of recovery (i.e. a total makeover).

In fact,  it's all you see everytime you walk through your front door.  (That ugly, uncomfortable sofa is driving you crazy!!)

You want your home to be your haven, but this room is adding to your mental chaos rather than soothing it.

You really want a total change, but you don't have the time and energy to devote to it.  Plus, you're not even sure where to start. 

You want your home to be a place of renewal… the place that nurtures and supports you instead of stresses you out. 

And right now... that's just not happening. 

Not to worry... I've been there too.  And I've got you... that's why I started Room Recovery.

Room  Recovery is "by the room" efficient interior design for busy women physicians who want to spend free time enjoying life IN their room rather than working ON their room.

"Recover" Your:

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Living Room


Home Office




Dining Room




With Each "Room Recovery" Design, You Get:

  • Detailed Furniture Plan... so you know exactly how to arrange your furniture and exactly size each piece should be.


  • Mood Board ...showing all major furniture pieces, art, accessories, lighting, rugs and window treatments for your room


  • Rendering of your Room's Focal you can know exactly what it will look like with no surprises!


  • My Design Insider Source List... so you know the best places to shop


  • Shopping List you know exactly what what to buy and where to buy it


  • Step by Step Action Plan... so you know exactly where to start and how to execute your design like a pro.


And...because you don't want to wait months on end for room design (you just want to get it done and enjoy it ASAP!), you'll receive your entire "Room Recovery" Design within ONE week of our Kickoff Call.  


Room Recovery $1500

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Design that takes into account the uniqueness of how you and your family live. Your home shouldn’t be like everyone else’s.


Design that inspires with beauty and creativity.


Design that promotes comfort, connection and renewal for your busy lifestyle.



Right now, you may be wondering, "So Kricia, how can I be sure I'll like my design?"

I'm glad you asked, because connecting your personal style and preferences with my professional experience and aesthetic vision is my design superpower!

I've developed and refined this signature method of real-time design and feedback while working closely with client for many years.

Here's how it works:

We start each Room Recovery Project with a Kickoff Zoom call. This is where the magic starts! We'll take a deep dive into how you and your family live in your room, your design style, preferences and priorities.  I'll come to the table with ideas, and I'll also design in real time (on the spot!) so I can get your immediate feedback.  

This in depth back and forth process allows me to sync your personal tastes and preferences with my professional vision, so by the end of the Kickoff call, I know exactly what will resonate with you, and you are already feeling ownership of the design. (You should, right?? It's YOUR home!)

The result is a design you couldn't have imagined on your own but that resonates with you in a very personal way.


Here’s how it works:


1. Book Your Kickoff Call. And if you don’t see a time slot that fits in your schedule, I’ll work with you to find an opening. (Trust me, I know how crazy a physician’s schedule is.)


2. Share details about your project and any inspiration before our call. Include pictures of your space, measurements, a Pinterest board, and photos of any existing pieces you'd like to use in your room (my prep form will guide you through this process). 


3. Let’s Do This. We'll meet for your Kickoff Call and then you can sit back and relaxxxx....
Within 1 week, you'll get your Room Recovery Results!

Your investment is just $1500



To recap, you’ll get:

  • A Detailed Design Prep Form before we get on Zoom so you can gather your thoughts and ideas and I can get my brain going before we meet 
  • Kick Off Call with me via Zoom 
  • Detailed Furniture Plan
  • Mood Board Showing All Selections for Your Room
  • Rendering of your Room's Focal Wall
  • My Design Insider Source List
  • Shopping List 
  • Step by Step Action Plan
  • Confidence that your project is going to turn out ahhh-mahh-zing


Your investment is just $1500

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