How to prevent Pinterest Overwhelm

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Overwhelmed by all the ideas on Pinterest? It can be so much, no matter how much you try to plan and control how long you look for something. There are just so many incredible ideas waiting to be discovered.

All you want are some helpful ideas that will save you precious time when you start with your new decorating project.  Don’t feel overwhelmed, there are things that you can do to help when choosing your idea pins that will help you save the precious time that you have.

Here’s how to make Pinterest work for you in your personal life.

So, you have been sitting on your computer for over an hour and you’re still scolling Pinterest all while pinning picture after picture? You have a board full of hundreds of thousands of photos, but now that you’ve told yourself to stop, you feel even more confused than ever and you still aren’t sure what you actually wantfor this current space.

Decorating a room requires focused vision and unfortunately PInterest doesn’t always help us narrow and focus our vision. It’s like when a dog hears the word “squirrel” they start looking all around. Well, that’s you on Pinterest. You’re distracted by every new pretty thing or idea you see because it is such an entertaining space.

Here’s how to use Pinterest to narrow your focus and create an inspiration board that really helps you with inspiring content rather than confuses and overwhelms you.

It’s easiest to use an example, so you can envision yourself going through the steps.

Let’s pretend that you’re decorating your primary bedroom.

So, you do what you usually do. You go straight to Pinterest (or Houzz or Instagram) and pin the bedroom photos that resonate with you in some way.

Notice, this is what you’ve already been doing, but instead of stopping here… we’re going to take things further.

The following steps are what will bring more clarity and focus to you and your vision.

And without further adieu…here they are!

1. Review each and every pin in your bedroom board.

Take your time when doing this. If you come across any pins where you don’t exactly remember why you chose them, delete them.

For the others, think about what specifically you were drawn to in the photo. Was it a color? A furniture style? Or a general vibe or aesthetic?

Notice what pins are similar and which pins stand out as being different.

For those that are different determine what the differences are. Determine why chose them.

2. Create a new board.

This will be your official Primary Bedroom Inspiration Board. You’ll want to use a Google Slide or Powerpoint for this board rather than simply creating another Pinterest board. By doing your new board this way, you remove the temptation and ability to just keep pinning.

Select 2-3 photos from your original board that you like the most and pin them on your new board. These 2-3 pins should be overall views of rooms rather than photos of individual pieces of furniture, curtains, etc.

Next, select 2-3 detailed photos from your original board. These pins can be close up views of furniture styles or specific pieces your like. Place theses pins on your new board.

Last, add in photos of colors, nature, food, etc. These photos focus on anything that makes you feel the “vibe” you want in your room. For example, if I want my room to feel sleek and sexy, I might add in a photo of a glass of wine or spa bubbles. If I want my room to feel bright and cheerful, I might add in a photo of a whimsical flower arrangement or a palette of yellow colors.

Your new official inspiration board should now contain 2-3 overall room views, 2-3 detailed photos and other photos that reflect the feel or vibe you want to have in the space. Limit yourself to what you can fit on one slide only.

Test It Out For Yourself

Using Pinterest in this way to help create your inspiration board will give you much more focus and clarity. It will prove to be more useful as you move forward designing your room.

While finding your inspiration can be super fun and is a very important part of the design process, it’s just one of the many steps that interior designers use. If you want to learn the entire process and uplevel your own decorating skills, get on the waitlist for my signature course, Design Academy where I’ll teach you the whole thing!

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