Decorating as Self Care for Women Physicians

self care for women physicians

You know that feeling when you can walk away from the responsibilities of everyday life and escape into something you really enjoy?  Maybe it’s a good book, working out, or painting…  self care for women physicians can take many forms.

You feel free to express yourself.  Be creative.  And truly rest. 

That’s how I feel when I’m designing. And from what many of you have told me… you do too.

Two years ago I started my private FB group, House Calls for Physicians.  And I’ve been amazed at how many women physicians LOVE decorating and design.  

Some really want to create the home of their dreams… one they can relax in, be productive in and feel rejuvenated in.  But many have told me there’s more to it than that… they truly enjoy and feel replenished by the process.  It’s their form of self care.

So just like painting or drawing… the room can be your canvas.  

Self Care Can Be Anything You Want it To Be

I LOVE this!!  Not only do our homes influence our mood, productivity and ability to relax, but the very act of designing them can too.

Think about it as therapeutic nesting. 

Carl Jung taught that how we construct our homes is closely connected to our inner narrative and mental state of mind. Lindsay T. Graham, PhD, who studies the psychological effects of the built environment at the University of California at Berkeley, says that our homes actually serve as a form of emotional regulation.  

So if you love all things decorating and design, consider setting apart time for yourself to really enjoy and pursue it, just like you would for another hobby.

Utilizing Decorating as Self Care

  • Be careful about online shopping or scrolling Pinterest as a part of this.  While this activity may seem relaxing and enjoyable, often it just leads to increased anxiety and overwhelm. I think of it like scrolling social media – an escape, but one that ends up being more draining than replenishing.

Instead of scrolling, focus on creating. 

Here’s are a few ways you can do this:

  • Do a google image search for sofas or chairs. Screenshot images of things you like and use them on a Powerpoint or Google Slide to create your own inspiration board. 
  • Practice your styling skills in your own home by trying different combinations of accessories and books on a console table, coffee table or bookshelf. 
  • Take a design course to develop your skills.  Reserve time to settle in with a glass of wine or cup of coffee and your laptop to do the course.

You can take my free  “Learn to Design for Yourself” course that takes you through the 5 step process designers use when approaching any space. 

If you’re not in the House Calls for Physicians FB group, you can join here.  Each week, I post design advice, pearls and ideas that you can use in your own projects.

If you want to take your design skills to the next level AND treat yourself to all the decorating goodness each week, reserve your spot in my Design Academy course (women MD/DO only!)

If you love all things design, welcome to the club!!  I’m right there with ya:)

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