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Make your house feel like home

Transform your home

to be inspiring AND clutter-resistant

so you can feel more peace, get more rest and be more focused.

After coming home from seeing patients all day,
you’re looking for a space where you can relax, recharge with your family,
and have energy for the personal projects you have on your mind.

After all, you already barely have enough time for your patients at work. Designing your homes sounds so overwhelming, not to mention the clutter that keeps getting in the way.

I can help you create a clutter-resistant, beautiful space, so that you can truly relax and enjoy your home.

House Calls for Physicians

Design Consult

You've been stuck on a few big decisions for days or weeks, holding up your whole project (decorating a room, remodel, or new construction). On top of that, the clutter around your home only adds to the chaos.

After a working one-hour design consult, you'll get the help you need and decisions made moving your project forward with complete confidence and inspiration.

"I was stuck on a couple of decisions for 3 weeks and completely overwhelmed.

That’s when Kricia came in. By reading her blog I knew she wanted to help her readers achieve their own style while still maintaining a beautiful, cohesive look they are proud of.

We had an hour conversation through Facetime that helped me make the decisions I was originally stuck on for three weeks. It was easy, fast and I know who I can go to when I am overwhelmed. Thank you, Kricia!"

- Jecilly Varghese MBBS

House Calls for Physicians
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Custom Design

You don't have the time, energy, or desire to redecorate or remodel your home by yourself, but you still want it done so that every decision is tailored to your family's unique needs and preferences.

This complete, done-for-you design puts your family and how you live on a day-to-day basis at the forefront. You'll end up with a space that inspires you, streamlines your life, and is restful and rejuvenating.