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ep 1 - resolving conflict during a remodel

You know how most remodels go...

  • They said it would take two months, but now you’re on month four with no end in sight.
  • You think it’s worth paying extra to have the kitchen cabinets extend all the way up to the ceiling but your partner doesn’t
  • You’re worried about going over budget

No doubt, remodels come with a lot of added stress, communication issues and, unfortunately, conflict… so how can we navigate them without losing our minds?  

Today, I'm discussing this topic with psychotherapist Stasia Myers, LCSW, RPT-S, ICST.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Why conflict prevention is key and how you can be successful at it.
  • How to best approach conflicts when they do occur. 
  • How to deal with overpowering emotions during conflict.
  • Managing conflict with your partner during a remodel.
  • Managing conflict around money during a remodel.

So join me as we discuss how to manage conflict during a stressful remodel. 

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