Why Design Mistakes Are Totally Worth It

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I’ve made a lot of design mistakes. One really stands out…

I ran into the bedroom with tears in my eyes… I was hurt, pissed off and embarrassed. 

My husband had just made some sarcastic comments about the paint color I chose for our office.  It might have been something like this…


The thing was… I had really been trying to get better at decorating, so my tears were from disappointment in myself as well as frustration with him (he should think everything I do and say is great, right?!)

I wanted the walls to be a bold peach.  But instead, I chose a horrendous orange. 

Not only did I not really understand color yet, (this was before I studied interior design)

But I had taken a risk choosing a bold color. 

A risk that failed. Seriously, it was really really bad, y’all.

The Secret about Design Mistakes

Have you been there too?  Made a risky design decision only to realize afterward that it just didn’t work?

Or are you avoiding any risks at all, instead choosing only items that are safe and within your comfort zone? 

If so, I have a secret for you… 

In order to really grow your design skills, you have to be willing to take some risks.   

And you have to be willing to fail. 

There I said it.  

You have to be willing to fail.

I know we women physicians don’t like that word.  We aren’t used to it.  We are achievers.  

But I’ve learned that to ultimately achieve anything, I have to be willing to fail. That’s the only way to learn and grow. 

Learning From Design Mistakes

Every single time I’ve made a design “mistake” (whatever that really means… it’s all subjective, right? ), I learned WHY it didn’t work.  

It was only then that I could learn to create what DID work. 

I’ve also created some of my most loved spaces by taking risks.  Spaces that would have lacked if I had stayed in my comfort zone. 

Big risks always equals either an amazing result OR an amazing opportunity to grow.

I even used to say, “This is going to be the biggest design mistake ever, or it’s going to be amazing.”

Design Risks Are Uncomfortable and That’s OK.

Just like any other time we step out of our comfort zone, taking decorating risks feels uncomfortable.  You’ll second guess yourself.  You’ll want to revert back to something safe.

It’s all ok.  That’s just part of the process.  But without taking risks and making mistakes, you’ll stay in your safe zone and never grow. 

I know you might be thinking, “But, Kricia, I don’t want to waste a ton of money on an expensive mistake!” 

I feel ya. I don’t want that for you (or me) either! After all, I still want some extra cash for a night out with my girls or a chic pair of shoes!

So there are two ways you can approach a design risk:

  1. Take low cost/high yield risks
  • Change your wall or ceiling paint color
  • Go bold with smaller pieces of furniture such as accent tables or ottomans
  • Try a bold peel and stick wallpaper
  • Take a risk with bolder lamps or accessories
  • Start with smaller rooms like laundry rooms, mudrooms or powder rooms

2. Get a second opinion.

I can help you. After making tons of decorating mistakes myself and then studying and practicing interior design for years, I’ve been down that road.

During a 1 hour Zoom consult, I’ll look over your ideas and give you my advice.  If your “design risk” looks like it’s going to work, I’ll help you add all the details needed. On the other hand, if I don’t think it’s a wise risk, I’ll help you  come up with one that will be amazing. 

So what are you waiting for?  I challenge you to take ONE design risk within the next 2 weeks. I’m here to help if you need me. Click here to book a design risk consult with me.

You got this.


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