How to Incorporate Design Trends That Won’t Date Your Home Too Soon

Are white kitchens still “in”? What are people using on their countertops these days? How much longer will gray be “in”? I get questions like these all of the time. How do you balance design trends with what is timeless? Does it even matter? 

We all know that certain “looks” come and go. That’s why when you watch Home Alone this Christmas, you immediately recognize the house was decorated in the early 90s!!  That’s just the way it is. No matter what, design trends likely become dated over time. 

If you’re like me, you want to make your design last as long as possible. So if I can choose finishes and furniture that will last at least 15 years, I’m all for it! So, how can you do this? How do you incorporate design trends without dating your home too soon?

One key is how you incorporate things that are considered trendy. Here are my top tips on how to approach trends. If you’re smart about how you use trends in your home, you’ll be able to utilize and love your space for many years to come. 

Only use design trends you really like

Don’t just use a trend just because that’s what everyone is doing.  In fact, I tend to shy away from something that everyone else is using unless I really love it.  And remember, if everyone else is doing it, your home won’t feel uniquely you.  If everyone is using a certain tile pattern, it will get old pretty fast. I’ve seen a tile or an accessory for the first time and really liked it, but after seeing it hundreds of times in homes and on Pinterest, it lost its edge. 

Keep it simple and stick to things you LOVE.

Incorporate trends carefully and sparingly

Don’t use two really trendy things together. I’ve stayed in Airbnbs where the owner tried to incorporate every trend imaginable, including: barn doors, shiplap, decorative cement tiles and bold trellis patterned rugs  Using more than one really popular trend at the same time will only date your space sooner.

Use trends in ways that are easily changed

Choose accessories, pillows, paint.  That way, you won’t break the bank when it’s time to update. 

Train your eye to see the difference between looking trendy and looking trendy in a timeless way. 

Elle Magazine might say geometric prints are “out”, but if used correctly in a well appointed space, they will be timeless. The key to this is pairing your trend with timeless elements. You can train your eye by studying the work of prominent designers and looking at design magazines such as Traditional Home, Veranda and House Beautiful. 

There is nothing wrong with being trendy!  We all want a little chic in our space. We don’t want our homes to be dated in five years, though. If you stick to these four tips, you’ll have a timeless space… and be a trendsetter too! Need help? Click here to schedule a Discovery Call.

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