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Is Clutter in Your Home Keeping You From Relaxing?

Clutter in your home

I live with three men.  Well, one man and two teen boys who are becoming men WAY too fast! Needless to say, it’s common for me to have clutter in my home. I come in the house and see the kitchen island littered with homework, a laptop, mail…even shoes.  Yes…they sometimes place their shoes on the surface where we prepare food.  I. CAN’T. EVEN!

After working with many interior design clients, here is what I’ve discovered: You can have the most beautiful, inspiring house, but if there is clutter in your home, you’re not going to be able to enjoy it. The purpose of your home is to nurture you. It’s supposed to help you be productive when you need to be and help you relax when it’s time. But it’s hard to relax when you have clutter in your home, right? Redecorating your home or hiring a designer isn’t going to help if the clutter persists. Be encouraged. You CAN design a clutter-resistant home. Here three ways you can start preventing clutter from accumulating in your home.

Take note of where things pile up

Does mail accumulate on your kitchen island?  Do shoes always end up on the floor in the living room? Habits are hard to break, and even if you tell your kids to put their things elsewhere, they are likely to continue accumulating where they are (I may have some personal experience in this area. lol)  So, just start taking notice of where things accumulate at your house.

Brainstorm ways to capture items.

A basket in the living room for shoes.  A cabinet or tray in the kitchen for mail.  Provide places around the house where items belong. Then let your family know to place the items in those spaces.

Do a daily sweep. 

Take five minutes each day and put things that are out of place away.  If you do this daily, it’s easy and simple. When you ignore it, it all seems to multiply. That’s when it can become unmanageable.  

If you’re struggling with too much clutter and aren’t able to relax in your home because of it, click here to book a free discovery call with me.  I can help you manage your mind around clutter AND design a clutter-resistant home!

Kricia Palmer, MD, ASID | Doctor, life coach & interior designer

I’m Kricia Palmer, and I help women physicians let go of clutter and create beautiful, clutter-resistant homes so they can feel more peace, get more rest and be more focused.

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