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Thinking About Leaving Medicine? Ask Yourself These Three Questions.

questions to ask before leaving medicine

Deciding whether to make a career-related change can be tough. If you’re not happy in your current position, you might be thinking things would be better in a different practice. Maybe you’re thinking about leaving medicine altogether. Whatever the case may be, here are three questions to ask yourself before leaving medicine. 

What emotion is this decision coming from?

Are you feeling frustrated, angry or exhausted?  Often, decisions to change or leave come from these emotions.  We typically have negative thoughts about our circumstances (the job, our hours, our colleagues, our pay) and these lead to feelings of frustration or stress.  

What thought is driving that emotion?  

This is super important.  All feelings come from our thoughts.  So if you’re feeling unhappy or frustrated in your current position, really tune in to the specific thoughts you have that are making you feel this way. It’s often helpful to write them down.

Ask yourself if you really want to make a decision from that emotion? 

Be honest with yourself.  Do you really want to make a decision from a place of fear, frustration, anger or stress?  Or, would you rather that decision come from a more neutral space? Would you like to be more at peace when making that decision?

You have a choice.

We often think that our circumstances are causing our pain. For example, you might think you’re unhappy because of your call schedule, administrative demands, or how much you’re paid.  So often we go looking for other external things and circumstances to make us happy.  But the empowering reality is, you get to choose to think whatever you want about your circumstances.  It is not your circumstances themselves, but how you think about your circumstances that actually drives your emotions. 

Change your thinking first.

So before making a big decision like leaving medicine, think about this. Is there another thought you could choose to think about your job? What would make you feel less frustrated and unhappy and more content and peaceful? Here are a couple of examples:

  1. It’s possible there are some good things here.
  2. I’m making a difference here even if things aren’t ideal.

Deciding from the right frame of mind.

Pay attention to how you feel when you think these thoughts.  Do they drive more optimism? More contentment?  Make a decision from this space. You know what’s right for you. Whether you decide to leave medicine or you decide to stay, you can feel good about making your decision from a place of abundance and peace. You’ll also get to know yourself better and grow through the process. If you’d like help through this process, click here to schedule a 1:1 Coaching Call with me.

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