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Make Those Family Memories, Girl!


Some spaces and smells take us back in time. The memories rush in and give you that warm, nostalgic feeling.

Going home

Last week, I was able to go back to my Grandma’s house.  She passed away a long time ago. I haven’t been inside of her house for at least 20 years.  Walking back into that little grey ranch, all of the memories came flooding back like a video playing on my parents’ 1980’s video camera. 

I could see her standing in the kitchen making homemade tortillas off of the griddle on the harvest gold gas stove. She would wrap them in a white dish towel and set them on the kitchen table for all of us to eat. Suddenly I could smell the toasted flour and Oklahoma heat.  

One afternoon in particular, my cousins and I rolled down the sides of a large ditch in her yard over and over until I couldn’t stop sneezing from the grass. The green blades stuck to my clothes, leaving me dirty and sweaty from our afternoon of innocent fun (and I became an allergist, go figure!).

I can remember sitting in the living room with the geometric linoleum under my feet, reading while my uncles watched Spaghetti Westerns on TV. 

A truly beautiful home

It is amazing how just walking into these places can throw you back in time like Marty McFly in a DeLorean.  I’m so grateful for these memories. Grandma’s house was simple. The memories we made there were priceless.

I know I talk a lot about making your home functional and beautiful. I genuinely believe that doing this makes our lives better. The most important thing, though, is what we do in those homes… the laughing, the loving, the living. I never want to forget that… and I never want YOU to forget that either.

This is what is most important.

Tips for focusing on what matters most

So how can you focus on making memories when your house is distracting you?

  1. Decide ahead of time to let it go.  It’s really that simple… just decide to be ok with the fact that there’s stuff that needs to be done, but you’re going to focus on what you’re doing now
  2. Decide what you need to do and put it on your calendar (a future specific date and time).  You don’t have to think about it now because you know you’ll get it done at that particular time in the future. 
  3. Focus on what matters to you most.  Remind yourself that a perfect home doesn’t mean anything if you can’t enjoy it… and live in it.

Twenty years from now you won’t be wishing you spent more time with your to do list. So today, girl…go make those memories!

Kricia Palmer, MD, ASID | Doctor, life coach & interior designer

I’m Kricia Palmer, and I help women physicians let go of clutter and create beautiful, clutter-resistant homes so they can feel more peace, get more rest and be more focused.

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